“Hay algunas personas que han empezado a coleccionar y por si solas terminaron creando un mercado,” dice el Dr. Stephen Satchell, miembro del Trinity College de la Universidad de Cambridge. “Eso no se hace necesariamente solamente con astucia, sino por el entusiasmo y también porque han sido lo suficientemente inteligente como para coleccionar algo que es popular.”


For most wealthy individuals, the emotional motivations for holding treasure are far more important than the financial. Treasure is something that can be enjoyed individually, or shared with friends, peers or the general public. It is something that can confer status on the owner, provide intellectual stimulation and be a source of respect that says more about an individual than his or her wealth, position or background.  Copyright ©2012 Barclays


Don’t be fooled… Slava’s beautiful works follow in the footsteps of some of the great painting masters of our time, and are in fact created with the old fashioned paint brush. An unquestionable abundance of talent has lead to Slava’s works held in private collections in Canada, America and throughout Europe and have become the investors choice.

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